Get The Most Out of Your Existing Ecommerce Traffic

Turn more of your current visitors into buyers, more of these buyers into repeat buyers and maximize the profitability per order.


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The Ecommerce Growth Methodology
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The Growth Stack Methodology

Besides acquiring more traffic, you have only three ways to grow your Ecommerce store. We work with your existing traffic and optimize your revenue (and profitability) utilizing our proven process and experience from growing 100+ Ecommerce stores.

Below you can see our growth methodology and the levers we focus on. The goal is to transform your Ecommerce store into an ultimate sales machine. In Ecommerce, the store that can pay the most to acquire a customer wins, and the key to winning this game is to enable you to scale your advertising with the best possible funnel.


More transactions from the current traffic

Most Ecommerce stores have significant leaks that happen after people land on the site. For us to work on increasing the average order value and purchase frequency, we first need to be effective in turning visitors into customers. This is where conversion optimization comes to play, the goal is first to get customers into the funnel so that we can then move on to the next step.


More revenue from the transactions

We repeatedly see that average purchase size optimization is one of the most neglected areas for online stores.

Examples of improving the average order value:
- Product categorization.
- Cross-selling, up-selling, and joint ventures.
- Email categorization.
- Branding and presenting value.
- Price testing.


More LTV from the acquired customers

Customer acquisition is expensive. We implement strategies with a focus to get people to turn your one-time buyers into repeat customers. It is vital to do the onsite optimization in a way that is honest and supports loyalty.

On top of this, we'll help put together the strategy & positioning focused on building customer loyalty and setting up customer relationship-building, reactivation & post-purchase setups.


Focusing beyond the first click

Scaling traffic is harder and more expensive than it's ever been. The majority of Ecommerce stores are like leaky buckets, the more traffic enters to it, the more it leaks. Most of the time, stores don't have a traffic problem; they have a conversion problem. Getting a person to the site is just the first step, the rest of the purchase happens (or doesn't happen) post-click.

Long term Scalability

If you are continually increasing your profitability from incoming traffic, you can afford to spend more to get that traffic. In other words, you have a competitive advantage in your market. The impact on profitability is so significant that this is the same approach venture capitalists take when growing newly acquired Ecommerce companies. They don't focus on traffic, they focus on conversions, AOV, and purchase frequency.

Small Long term costs

Unlike ads, where you always need to invest more to get additional traffic. Optimizing your Ecommerce store mostly has fixed costs, so the more traffic you can profitably get to your funnel, the better off you are. Once you have optimized for the three levers, every dollar, euro, or pound that you invest in extra traffic will have a much higher return. That is why we recommend "Optimize, then maximize."

For us to do our best work, the companies we partner up with need to be the right fit for us.

You have a validated business model that has already gained initial traction

You have growth ambitions and you are willing to accept help

You have an investor mindset, and you realize that success comes with a price

Our case studies are both impressive & confidential

After we know more about your business & situation, we’ll be able to share the most relevant ones.



Evaluate your situation

Make sure to read this page thoroughly and think through your goals. We expect you to have a validated business model and at least some initial traction. You also must have growth ambitions and be willing to champion change & the project internally.


Send your application

The next step is to fill out our quick application so that we can get to know your business. We promise to keep everything confidential. Once you feel ready, you can apply from this link.


An introductory call

We will contact you to book a call with us. On this call, we'll dive deeper into the methods and talk about the initial plan and expectations for growing your store.


Actionable analysis

Once we start working together, we always start by making an actionable road map that we customize to your store and situation. This in-depth analysis & plan forms a foundation for our co-operation together.


Ongoing improvements

After the analysis, we have confidence that we are working on the right things with the correct prioritization. On this step, we start tackling the three levers in practice, beginning with the one we decide to be the priority.



You will be able to have access to the same tools we are using so that you’ll have the complete picture where we are going and where we are using the budget.

Growth Focused
Shopify Experts

We’ve been around the block since 2015 and, during that time, have worked with over 100 clients helping to generate tens of millions of dollars in additional revenue.

Small &
Dedicated Team

We’ll assign you a dedicated growth champion who does all the communication. You won’t be passed on to interns or moved to the next person whom you don’t know.


How much does this cost?

Engagements are priced based on the value we are capable of bringing to your business. Mostly we engage in consulting with reflective pricing – and the final quotes aren’t negotiable. We need our clients to be both serious about the project and invested in results as a starting point.

What input does it require from me?

The most critical factor in the eventual success of the project is the role of the client. With rare exceptions, the client should be the champion of the project. The client may delegate accountabilities to lower-level subordinates, and we will take care of a lot of them, but the client must be the point person who is leading the charge.

How fast will I see results?

It’s a case-by-case basis. In reality, each business is unique in its own way and is starting their CRO Guru journey from a different starting point. Depending on that starting point, there may be some initial, easy-to-implement opportunities that could yield results very quickly. Alternatively, some businesses may have already made major optimizations before and the opportunity for quick results in these cases is less likely. Thus, these businesses may see it take slightly more time to see results.

Do you have experience in my line of business?

Since 2016, we’ve worked with over 100 stores in a wide variety of industries, so there is a good chance that we also have experience from your industry or, at least, something closely related to it.

Whether we do or not, our principles have proven to be universal, and we’ve successfully applied them to clients with vastly different products.

Do you offer discounts to nonprofits?

We believe in social responsibility, and giving good discounts to nonprofits is one of the ways that we like to give back to the communities we serve. If your profit is for a good cause, feel free to contact us, and we’ll discuss it a bit further.

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