Its Samuel Larsen and in 2015 I launched my company aiming to solve many of the problems small businesses were facing in the digital world.  Along the journey we have been fortunate enough to grow alongside many successful clients, helping them reach new heights of their eCommerce businesses.  This site itself is simple for a reason: there is nothing to buy here. It’s just the our home base.  Although, I think you are here for a reason and you’d like to learn a little bit more about our services.  If that’s the case, please use the link below to book a free appointment.  Looking forward to hearing about your project!


Conversion optimized design

Hosted online solutions such as Shopify have leveled the playing field for small businesses, enabling them to compete with their multinational rivals. Never before has the general public been able to start a shop with such a simple solution. As a result many people end up creating stores by themselves and ending up getting it wrong. There is a lot more to what makes a store sell than just getting a premium theme and putting some content to it. We believe every element in your shop must serve a single purpose: get people to take action.



We work with store owners across the world optimizing and growth-hacking Shopify stores

Store growth hacking and optimization.

Store analysis and consultation services.

Stores built with sales in mind.

All designed to be headache free and easy.


Data driven improvements that produce results.

Data analysis

Finding bottle necks and problem points

Design analysis

Forming the predictions for improvements.

Testing hypotheses

For statistical significance.


Step by step & driven by data


Anahata Graceland

Samuel is easy going and wonderful to work with. He doesn't get thrown by chaos or changes and is able to stay well organized finishing his work well with little need for super changes. He is more than capable for most jobs. We were very happy working with him.

Connor Addis

It was a pleasure working with him as he is more than just a developer, besides making my website a lot better Samuel was able to get me started with couple different marketing channels too so now I can get more traffic to my website.

Matther Rider

I've worked with Samuel before and I decided to hire him again because I was really pleased with his work. I had a great experience again, he understands the business side of eCommerce and had a lot of good ideas on how to improve my stores! I will likely work with Samuel again in the future.


Volume discounts available for larger orders

  • Optimization

  • Starting from $750

    Per project
  • Ideal for merchants looking to improve their eCommerce conversion rates.
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