Conversion Optimization Audit

If your Ecommerce store is converting perfectly, or you know exactly what to do to make it perfect, please click away from this page… otherwise, read on:

Successful entrepreneurs know there’s no advantage to spending years to learn answers that you could get by simply asking an expert and getting an executive summary.

Let’s say you wanted to make more money with your store.

Does it make more sense to spend a month researching conversion rate optimization, implementing changes, and testing them with no guarantee of success… or invest a small amount of your profits and leveraging someone else’s experience?

With this service, you’ll get:

  • Analysis of your ecommerce analytics to understand your store and customers better.
  • A thorough list of point-by-point recommendations that you can implement to improve your stores sales.
  • A recorded screencast, approximately 45 minutes, in which I review and explain the reasoning behind the points.

You will:

  • Discover choke points like page load-time, navigation, cross-browser compatibility, usability and more.
  • Gain a better understanding on where people come from, who they are and what they want so that you can better match their needs.
  • Get a point by point game plan on what you can do to attack the leaks on your store.