A checklist of launching a Shopify store

Hello, I wanted to share this.

It is an internal checklist that I have been using to launch multiple stores.
I created this checklist to make sure that I didn’t miss a thing and could always deliver functioning stores to demanding clients.

The development process for a basic Shopify store:

  1. It all starts with planning everything thoroughly. What sort of a look are you after, how would you like to structure your navigation and what your product pages should look like are just some of the questions to cover before taking on a project like this. Don’t rush this process as it will cost you time later.
  2. Make sure you have all the necessary content ready. I actually recommend that you have the content ready beforehand, this way you can build a store around the content and not just fill in and drop your content all around the store.
  3. Open a store on Shopify.
  4. Install the most suitable theme either from the Shopifys theme store or from (I highly recommend that you invest and buy a premium theme).
  5. Install a logo (Resize, crop it & cut it, if necessary)
  6. Install a favicon (You can use the logo, cut it down to 64×64)
  7. Configure collections and top navigation.
  8. Configure footer navigation.
  9. Find 1-3 pictures for the top slider, I recommend you to start with one. Resize and crop to fit the recommended dimensions.
    (If there is no pictures yet, use the free sources for a stock image and install just one. Here is a guide with links in the description.
  10. Upload the products, if you have no products yet, then just install test products.
  11. Fill out the content pages.
  12. Social media buttons and linking.
  13. Configure slider texts.
  14. Go through all the customize theme options from the Shopifys admin panel.
  15. Install the Shopify apps.
  16. Integrate and configure your payment gateway.
  17. Fill in all your details for the backend.
  18. Configure taxes.
  19. Configure shipping.
  20. Do a test purchase.
  21. Test all the links, mobile, tablet etc. Test that everything works everywhere smoothly.
  22. Download the theme so that you will have a backup of it (Incase something goes wrong).
  23. Subscribe to a Shopify plan.
  24. Install and configure paid apps.
  25. Transfer your domain.
  26. Remove the password from your storefront.
  27. You are now ready to sell so take a moment to celebrate 🙂

Now, that is a really simple checklist of how to get started with a basic store.
It was just to get you started, if you ran in to trouble and need help just book a quick call with me at and I am happy to talk.

Good luck.

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