What is CRO gurus?

CRO gurus started with an idea that as a team we could deliver more value to our clients whilst keeping our pricing competitive. By pulling together talented individuals and have them work as a team we can best deliver on everybody’s unique expertise and still have all of our functions under one roof so that everything is easy for our clients.

How does the CRO guru concept work?

The key idea is work together and utilize our strengths as individuals for the common good.
This works because conversion optimization is such a multi-faceted area, to be truly great at CRO one would have to master:
-Marketing etc.
There is simply A LOT for any single person to handle and that is why CRO experts are often able to bill +200$/hr whilst still being mediocre in these areas. We pull together expertise from all these areas so that it is possible to provide value in a more affordable manner.

What happens on a discovery call?

We will briefly get to know each other a bit better, then go over your goals and see how, and if, I can help you with your project. The discovery phase is fast and painless and is really more of a relaxed chat where you can ask questions and we can figure out if we are a match for going ahead with your project.

Why should we choose you?

Unlike most agencies or freelancers, we are fully specialized in conversion optimization and our approach is results-driven. Almost everything we do is based on numbers, and although we can create fancy design stuff too, it is often secondary in importance. If you don’t resonate with our results-based approach we probably aren’t the best fit for you.

What do I need to have before applying to work with you?

Having at least a solid initial idea of what you are after is preferable before contacting us.  Don’t over-plan things as we can ask you questions to dig deeper into your individual needs and see what kind of engagement (if any) is the right one for you. We love hearing from businesses who are ambitious and helping them refine their plans.

When does it make sense to get a consultant to help with my online business?

This really depends on both your profitability and goals. Usually, if an engagement takes more than 20% of your revenue you are overspending. However, if your business is profitable and growing fast it might make sense to engage with a consultant sooner. If you are currently struggling, it is probably best to re-evaluate the site itself using a design expert.

Do you offer discounts to non-profits?

We believe in social responsibility, and giving healthy discounts to non-profits is one of the ways that we like to give back to the communities we serve. If your profit is for a good cause, feel free to contact us and we’ll discuss it a bit futher.

I am interested but I have some questions or doubts.

This is completely understandable, optimization is not the simplest thing to do. That’s why we are available to discuss things with you 1-on-1.
Feel free to add me on Skype, my id is: Samuel_Larsen
Or just give us a ring at +1(307)222-4909 and we’ll help answer your questions.